SlavesActs of Fear & Love (album)Engineer
SlavesVelvet Ditch (EP)Engineer
The KooksLet’s Go Sunshine (album)Engineer
MarmozetsThe Weird & Wonderful (album)Engineer
The Magic GangThe Magic Gang (album)Engineer
Sundara KarmaYouth Is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect (album)Engineer
Jake BuggBe Someone (acoustic) (single)Engineer
Roo PanesColour In Your Heart (single)Producer / Mixer
Roo PanesListen To The One Who Loves You (single)Producer
Roo PanesPacific (single)Producer / Mixer
Roo PanesThe Sun Will Rise Over The Year (single)Producer
Sea GirlsDo You Really Wanna Know? (single)Engineer
Sea GirlsUnder Exit Lights (EP)Engineer
Sea GirlsReady For More (single)Engineer
Sea GirlsCloser (single)Engineer
Sea GirlsAll I Want To Hear You Say (single)Engineer
Sea GirlsOpen Up Your Head (single)Engineer
Sea GirlsDamage Done (single)Engineer
Big SocietyMy Love (single)Mixer
Big SocietySo Afraid To Dance (single)Mixer
Big SocietyMarine Club Party (single)Mixer
Another SkyAll Ends (single)Engineer
Another SkyBrave Face (single)Engineer for Strings Recording
Pulled Apart By HorsesIs This Thing On? (single)Mixer
Pulled Apart By HorsesA remarkable idea (EP)Mixer
The Howl & The HumHuman Contact (album)Engineer
The Howl & The HumOnly Boy Racer Left On The Island (single)Engineer
The Howl & The HumHuman Contact (single)Engineer
The Howl & The HumHall of Fame (single)Engineer
Dinosaur Pile UpCelebrity Mansions (album)Engineer
OtherkinOn and On (single)Engineer
OtherkinTrue Believer (single)Engineer
OtherkinOK (album)Mix Engineer
Susheela RamanGhost Gamelan (album)Engineer / Mixer
Paul Heaton & Jacqui AbbottWisdom Laughter and Lines (album)Engineer / Mixer
Paul Heaton & Jacqui AbbottWhat Have We Become? (album)Engineer / Mixer
Night FlightIt Doesn’t Feel Like Christmas (single)Producer / Mixer
Night FlightRye (single)Producer / Mixer
Night FlightATM (single)Producer / Mixer
Night FlightDavid (single)Producer / Mixer
Night FlightWhite Noise (single)Producer
Night FlightMexico (single)Producer
Night FlightNight Flight (album)Engineer / Mixer / Producer
Sports TeamM5 (single)Engineer
Mt. WolfAetherlight (album)Engineer
Frank Carter and the RattlesnakesSpray Paint Love (single)Engineer
Maxïmo ParkA remarkable idea (EP)Mixer
British Sea PowerMachineries Of Joy (album)Mix Engineer
BloxxNovocain (single)Engineer
BloxxCurtains (single)Engineer
Gavin FridayCatholic (album)Mix Assistant
S.C.U.MAgain Into Eyes (album)Mix Assistant



James Mottershead