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With their layered four-part harmonies, swirling guitars and sweeping melodies, My Grey Horse are not easily slotted into conventional music categories. Many have casually drawn comparisons to The Shins, Grandaddy, and Pavement, yet all agree that they’re hard to place. Hailing from Stratford-Upon-Avon, they are a band of brothers or, more accurately, a band with brothers – three to be exact. Peter, John, and Oobah Butler are joined by friends Tom Mott and Joe Nicklin to complete the band’s line-up.

After two years of spending weeks away holed-up in log cabins and a long summer 2013 recording in old Hop Kiln, My Grey Horse emerged from the wilderness with their debut record I Still Don’t Understand. The effort, hailed by the Sunday Times as “astonishing”, is testament to their hard work. It is – according to the band – “in the most direct way possible, about ‘do you ever really learn anything?’, ‘do you ever change as a person’.”

Artistic depth is an imperative element to My Grey Horse that helps make them unique. The fact that the band contains an illustrator, an animator, a writer, and a film-maker helps broaden their creative horizons and, ultimately, produce interesting material. Look no further than the beautifully coloured concepts of their videos as an indication of what they’re capable of. ‘Days Shall Follow’ sees the group take on the ice cold lakes of North Wales and was composed wholly by the band.

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