CRC is a new generation music company fundamentally built around artist management culture, invested in long-term artist career development.  We fully believe we should be working along side our artists on all areas of their creative potential to foster their individual and collective talent.  To achieve this we recognise that trust and transparency is of paramount importance which is why we work in legal partnership with our artists rather than owning and controlling their rights.

As managers our passion and success is with patient creative and live performance development and A&R. As a record label, with international digital and physical distribution, we take time to nurture our artists’ recorded music careers across single and album releases, promoting each record in all focus and major markets.

As a music publisher, with worldwide administration and creative and synchronisation partners in the UK, Europe, North America, Asia and Australasia, we work with our songwriters to support their creative development in writing, co-writing, film scoring and track composition.

For all this to happen we at CRC pride ourselves on our highly successful team of artist management, major and independent record label and publishing professionals who have been responsible and integral in the development and success of huge numbers of international artists careers,  with No. 1 singles, No. 1 albums, Brit Awards, Mercury nominations,  international festival headliners and Radio 1 A list records to name but a few.

Meet the Team

Charlie Larby
Managing Director

First ever gig: My Bloody Valentine
Favourite kind of tea: Coffee
Most number of sit ups you’ve done in an hour:
Would Han Solo do a sit up? I don’t think so.

Andre McDonald
Label Manager / Digital Marketing Manager

First ever gig: Roll Deep
Favourite kind of tea: Rum
Most number of sit ups you’ve done in an hour:
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Julie Thorp
Artist Manager / International Marketing Manager

First ever gig: Without spelling it out loud,
it starts with a W.. ends with ESTLIFE.
Favourite kind of tea: I’m Scandi.
We’re all about coffee.
Most number of sit ups you’ve done in an hour:
Ummm.. so many I lost count?

Rob Hunt
Publishing / A&R Manager

First gig: Beach Boys
(minus Brian Wilson though…so does it really count?)
Favourite kind of tea: I’m a coffee kinda guy.
My tea game is pretty weak…I’ll go with Green.
Most number of sit ups you’ve done in an hour:
I don’t know if you heard me counting, but I did over a thousand

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